Approximately 1200 individual pieces. Designed over the course of a year with a build of 6 months.

40″ x 28″ x ~14″

Layered Birch, Dye, Stain, Cast Acrylic, LED

Light Activation by Photonic Bliss

Currently in a private collection.





What I Did

Design & Fabrication

Extreme levels of detail.

Almost every surface of Atien is comprised of no less than 4 layers. The “smoke” emitted from the snout alone holds 57 pieces, per half.

Atien holds a few secrets.

I often like to hide things within artwork to never be seen, but only known of. I’ll tell you this one, but not the others.. Looking down the center opening carefully, between the eyes, one could find a tree grows inside the cavity within Atien‘s neck.