A collaboration between artist Jason Burruss & I featuring his pendant as the centerpiece to the delicate lighted frame I created. Jason’s mastery knows no bounds, and I was honored to have his request of creating a piece to really showcase the textures of this jewel.

8.75in x 14.2in x 3in

Gold enamel, Birch, Stain, LEDs

Currently in a private collection.




Jason Burruss – Pendant

What I Did

Design & Fabrication

Unmatched quality.

Catching the extreme detail of the Talisman was a challenge, but the end product provided a massive spectrum of highlights, shadows, and reflections across the thousands of tiny curves and lines.

Pastel coloring.

While the piece does cycle through a “Rainbow” mode, the rest of the patterns generally maintain a calm palette. This allowed the bright surfaces of the metal to shine without seeming unapproachable nor unattainable.