Layered ply, acrylic, leds, & a lot of stain.

The Exploratorium raises millions on a yearly basis to the cause of education & science. What an exciting pleasure to be a part of such a meaningful event. Working with Tesseract & Audiowaska on the build, this was one of my favorite pieces yet. Ivy’s Arch & DJ booth will continue to live at the Exploratorium & subsidiaries for future events.







Exploratorium (Phenomena) Gala


Tesseract | Audiowaska

What I Did

Design & Fabrication

Washed gradient techniques.

Using a variety of stains & dyes, we were able to accomplish sculptures that appeared out of a watercolor novel. Although appearing as fine pieces of antiquity, this newly fashioned work has the durability to last its presented age.

Etched acrylics – symbols inscribed.

The arch and booth also carried etched LED lit acrylics that were emblazoned with star charts, alchemical symbols, and subtle interpretations of phenomenon in nature.