Using learned techniques, DNA captures our core programming into a strand cut from a single piece. 636 pieces come together to draw focus to this single strand that represents so much information about the timeline of a species.

15″ Diameter

Layered Birch, Dye, Stain, Cast Acrylic, LEDs

Light Activation by Photonic Bliss

Currently in a private collection.

This sculpture made many appearances across the West Coast. It’s last being at OneDome in San Francisco, CA before it’s permanent sale.





What I Did

Design & Fabrication

Sub-Sampling into capsules.

The DNA series further developed into individual “samples” of the original core material. These measure at approx. 6in x 3in diameter on a brass chain fitted with a bearing – allowing spin.

Samples from other worlds.

This sharp edged spinner with red core sample is from our sibling planet Mars. Where the human sample has the softness of curves, this Martian sample has the hard lines seen on the red planet – desolate of horizons blurred by trees.