I was asked to be a part of a wedding by building a sculpture to act as the chuppah for their union on playa. It was an absolutely beautiful thing to be a part of, and the emotions tied to two people sharing this moment of importance in the embrace of one of my sculptures were unexpected to say the least.

I have a previous work called “Six” that is a representation of a deeper love I hold very close. A larger version of this seemed fitting to the occasion of marriage. This is also the first piece of work I brought @meghantron_unofficial on board for. A long time friend that I’ve been dying to do any kind of large project with, and this was a great opportunity for just that. Only the two of us mostly, and she killed it every step of the way.
@soulmindstudios on the amazing CNC & laser cutwork as always.

Supplemental photography by Neil Girling.


Big Six Wedding


Meghan Schultz

What I Did

Design & Fabrication

Hostile environment.

Due to the conditions of the environment in which it was deployed, the structure needed to be able to withstand extreme heat, dust, wind, and a high possibility of climbers – planning accordingly was a must.

Honoring tradition.

With a chuppah, a square piece of cloth is suspended over the couple as they wed. Together with the main altar at its center, we created four lampposts to act as the abstracted corner points.